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About Smart zone


Smart Zone Founded in 2003, the company is developing publishing and distributing of Strategy games, card games and single player challengeing puzzle.

The company was founded out of the love of the games and the recognition of the importance of the game to human development both socially and cognitively.

Smart Zone games are suitable for a wide range of ages 5 and older including adults. While our main audience is kids and what we are aiming for, some games are very suitable for third-age-olds and constitute excellent quality time and employment for them.

Smart Zone games are sold in different countries: USA, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, South Korea, Israel and other countries.

Over the years we have gained a great deal of knowledge, ability and the experience required to bring the best games to the market. We are committed to continuing to learn, improve, develop and bring out the best games available.

Smart Zone works collaboratively with companies that engage in education through play. We strongly believe in collaborations in the field, and we would love to hear about any idea of collaboration.

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